Want a Custom Recovery?

To flash a custom recovery on your device, first, download the appropriate recovery image:

TWRP = https://dl.twrp.me/molly/twrp-3.0.0-0-molly.img.html

Install the newest ADB/Fastboot (Google it).

Now, reboot to bootloader (fastboot) mode.
Do this by unplugging the ADT-1, holding the button on the back, and (while continuing to hold the button) plugging it back in.

Open a Command Prompt/Terminal window and run:
fastboot flash recovery /path/to/recovery.img
(Tip: If you don't know exactly where the image is, or you don't want to type it out, you can type "fastboot flash recovery " then drag the image into the window and drop it in.)
(Note: The ADT-1 is a little weird in fastboot. If the command seems to hang, try rebooting into the bootloader again and issuing the command quicker.)

Use the button on the back on the ADT-1 to highlight "Recovery Kernel", then long press the button to enter select it. You are now in TWRP.

(Note: You will need a USB mouse plugged in (or an awesome knowledge of adb) to navigate, because the remote does not function in recovery.)

Want to use a Custom ROM?

(Warning: This will erase your data. However, the contents of your internal storage should remain intact.)

(Note: Take a backup of /system (and if you want, /data) in TWRP just in case.)

Don't report bugs that are already known, check here. If it isn't there, first do your best to recreate the bug, and list the steps you took, then report it by going here and clicking "New Issue".

Now, time to decide what ROM you want. We offer PureNexus MM & MM-CMTE, Dirty Unicorns v10, CyanogenMod 13.0, and Remix OS (coming soon) builds.
If you chose PureNexus, Dirty Unicorns, or CyanogenMod, time to decide what build you want. Do you want to use your ADT-1 as an Android TV Box, or in a Full Tablet Configuration, if you want TV, use the one labeled '-tv', if you want the Tablet build, grab the one labeled '-tablet'.
You can download the newest builds from here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?a=show&w=files&flid=35405

Additionally, you can download the newest ADT-1 Android 6.0.x TV GApps from here:
(Please do not submit a bug report if you are not using these GApps on the TV Build)

Additionally, you can download the newest Android 6.0.x (Tablet) GApps from here:
(Select the "Mini" package, as any larger package will fail to flash due to the ADT-a's small system partition).

Now, reboot to recovery (Need to be using TWRP), and Wipe /data, /system, /cache, and dalvik-cache

Flash the ROM (and optionally, GApps) via TWRP.
(Tip: You can drag-and-drop the file into the Command Prompt/Terminal window on your computer while your device is in TWRP)

Known Issues

1. Nexus Player Remote doesn't pair -- This likely isn't fixable due to proprietary Intel code

Reverting to Stock

(Warning: This will erase your data. However, the contents of your internal storage should remain intact.)

Download this TWRP-flashable zip of the stock software.

Place the zip on your device's Internal Storage.

Wipe /data, /system, /cache, and dalvik-cache.

Install the .zip you downloaded.

Congrats, you are now on Stock 5.0.2 (LRX22G), if you want root, just flash SuperSU (2.65+) via TWRP.

Rooting the Stock System

Follow the steps outlined in the "Want a Custom Recovery?" section above.

Now, download SuperSU (2.65+) and flash it via TWRP.

Authors and Contributors

Authors and Contributors

Greg Willard (@r3pwn)
Mark Norelus (@mknrls)
TeamRegular (@TeamRegular or @C457)
Nolen Johnson (@npjohnson)
Matt Gorski (@gfunk117)
CyanogenMod (@CyanogenMod)
TeamWin (@TeamWin)

Support or Contact

Greg Willard (@r3pwn)
Nolen Johnson (@nolenjohnson)
Mark Norelus (@mknrls)
Matt Gorski (@gfunk117)
ADT-1 Google Support Page